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MSL-Landing in Gale Crater

The landing of NASAs Mars Science Laboratory with its Curiosity rover in Gale crater (see HiMo 008) is planned for August 6th at 6:30 h CET. Scientists and enthusiasts worldwide are looking forward in a fever of excitement to the complicated landing.

From its landing spot, Curiosity will climb the mighty central peak of the crater, Mount Sharp. On its way, the rover will investigate layered sediments, composed of water bearing sulfates and clays. The analysis of these rocks in situ is a milestone in the exploration of the red planet. The main mission objectives of MSL besides geologic reconnaissance and investigation, is the search for life.

We wish good luck!

Update of MSL-Landing

In order to identify specific landmarks (A through S) in the panorama we calculated a perspective view based on HRSC data depicting the landscape as seen from the lander and compared it with a colour-coded height map of the same area, where we labeled corresponding points accordingly. Landmark C represents the most distant point in the list. It is approx. 80 km away and due to haze barely visible, whereas landmark M is as close as 17 km.

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