HRSCview data explorer

HRSCview is a web interface to the Mars Express HRSC image archive at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. It carries out on-the-fly image subsetting, stretching, compositing, and the the case of perspective views, projection of map-projected data-products. Access to the images is provided through a footprint map, by coordinates or by image identifier. The site is provided jointly by the Freie Universitaet and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

11.10.2013 Level 4 archive data available for download in GIS-ready formats: HSI colour composites in JPEG2000 format (jp2), DTMs in GeoTIFF format (tif)
19.11.2013 New web layout design
02.06.2014 New data release up to orbit 11738 (b738) (Dec 2013)

Archive status (highest released orbit): c069 (levels 2 & 3, PSA), 6567 (level 4, PSA), 6567 (level 4 VICAR, HRSCview)

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HRSC Archive DTM resolution map

Aurorae Chaos

Pollack crater deposit, Terra Sabaea

Erebus Montes

Mangala Vallis

Lava flows, Hadriaca Patera (SRC on HRSC image)

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